I am Azaria Godshalk, a graphic designer who is originally from Jamison Pennsylvania but now spends a lot of time in Philadelphia. I am a creative problem solver who enjoys a collaborative and creative environment. When I am not working on design, I can usually be found traveling near and far, looking for strange things that others may have created. I am always looking at the world around me in hopes of finding my next big inspiration.
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Azaria Godshalk is a senior graphic design artist who currently goes to school in Philadelphia and lives right outside in the suburbs of Jamison, Pennsylvania. She goes to Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University and is working on completing her bachelor’s degree as a graphic and interactive designer with entrepreneurial studies. She enjoys a hybrid of printed layout design and digital design which allows her to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world in a seamless experience. From catalogs and collateral to apps and websites, she believes that a project can always be expanded to become something more interesting and useful once you use your creativity to make it happen. 


My work is a visual advocate for expression and experimentation, pushing the limits of what print design can do. My works result from the research of history and how other artists have pushed the limits in their fields to go beyond the ways of traditional print design. Hey Studios is one example of many that I am inspired by because of their use of new materials and the different cuts in their books to give each piece its own unique personality. This process allows me to work with small detailed pieces and minimal bold works. Each work is a fragment of an exciting moment to an intriguing feeling. It is the ideas you ponder while feeling the texture of the materials being used or the different shaped paper that breaks up the traditional rectangular book. My work captures the vibrant and colorful world of a traditional idea and brings it to life in a new way.