Originally created around the idea of Temple University being a night school for young people in Philadelphia, Cherry and White Ale is a celebration of what the University began as and what it has become today. The design was expanded from a tap handle sticker to can labels and packaging design. Taking the symbolic owl of Temple University along with the cherry branch of a cherry blossom tree allowed me to make close connections with the beer brand.

Art Direction:

Bryan Satalino



The briefing of this project was to create a tap handle design, can design and packaging for Victory Brewing’s newest Temple University inspired beer, Cherry and White Ale. My idea was to base the design off of Temple originally being a night school and how this made it much more possible for many to get an education.

My initial idea was to bring in the Temple Owl and a squirrel to show diversity and connections within the school. Being able to work directly with Temple Alumni Services and Victory Brewing Company, this idea was quickly shot down and I later decided to keep it as just the symbolic owl. As I conducted my research, I decided to bring in a cherry blossom branch because cherries are something Temple is known for and the beer is cherry flavored. It was important to me to have the underlining theme of night school, so I decided to have my owl perched atop a large moon to make this connection to history clear.

This eventually leads me to create a system of illustrated images that are able to flow nicely from tap sticker to can design, to packaging design. I was inspired by the illustrations Victory Brewing used on their previous cans so I thought I would try to make a design that would fit in with this style. The serious yet playful nature of this design allows the viewer to have the same happy and relaxed feelings that they would have when drinking this delicious beverage.



The first round of idea sketches which originally included a squirrel and an owl.



Progression of the tap handle design